Sheet Music Organization: How to Get Your Sheet Together

Sheet music organization can be a challenge for vocalists and musicians alike.

If you find yourself battling any of the following problems, your sheet music solution isn’t so far off. 

• Your sheet music flies away in a breeze or falls off the stand. 

• Your music pages are unorganized, or they curl and bend due to how they’re stored. 

• You need to view more than one page at a time, but don’t have a stable way to do so. 

• Your current sheet music folder is too heavy to hold or too bulky to take with you. 

• You want to write notes on your sheet music and plastic sleeves are preventing it.

• You don’t want the glare or glow of a digital tablet when performing.

Sheet Music Organization, Solved Simply 

The Sheetminder Soloist and the Sheetminder Songbook offer innovative solutions to all sheet music organization struggles. In fact, both solve the problems almost every musician and vocalist face –– how to easily assemble, display, write on, file, and access sheet music when you need it. 

From one page to 24 pages, Sheetminder helps you organize your sheet music, easily and economically. 

The Sheetminder Soloist allows you to organize up to five pages of sheet music at a time. Featuring a proprietary, double-side adhesive and perforated, accordion-style, fold-out design, the Soloist flawlessly displays sheet music on a music stand or piano. It can be simply tucked away into a traditional filing cabinet or on a shelf. Lightweight, customizable and convenient, the Soloist is your answer for shorter, individual songs.

The Sheetminder Songbook enables you to hold up to 24 pages of sheet music. Featuring a spiral bound binder and a proprietary, easy-release adhesive, the Songbook can be comfortably hand-held or displayed on a music stand or piano. Then, store your Songbooks neatly in a filing cabinet or on a shelf. They’re perfect for longer pieces or song sets.

The high-quality construction of both the Soloist and Songbook will keep you organized for many practices and performances to come –– and at a fraction of the cost of conventional tools.

Here’s what musicians have to say about Sheetminder products:

“Sheetminder is an easy, low-tech way to organize all those loose sheets of music, without having to resort to binders and plastic sheet protectors. It’s so easy to make markings in my music! Floppy, fly-away pages are a thing of the past. The area around my piano has never been this tidy.” ––Carl Johengen

“Best thing since sliced bread. I play a lot of songs on my accordion with five pages. So nice not having to keep turning pages in my books.” ––Mary Winsch

The Bottom Line

For every kind of musician, Sheetminder is a highly practical, functional, easy-to-use sheet music organization and storage system. And if that isn’t enticing enough, Sheetminder allows you to take your sheet music with you. Lightweight, yet sturdy enough to hold paper sheets outdoors, in your hand or on a stand, the Soloist and Songbook are useful for vocalist, violinist, rock-n-roll guitarist, and every musician in between. 

So, go ahead and get your sheet together with Sheetminder. Your practice and performance will be nothing short of simplified.